What is an ETA?

What is an ETA?

ETA is required for any visa-exempt foreign nationals who are traveling to Sri lanka . Although you can apply for ETA anytime, we strongly suggest you to apply for an ETA as soon as you have decided to travel Sri lanka. You must have your ETA approved before the entry. Your ETA will electronically be connected to your passport. Please apply online and make sure you have an approved ETA.

Who needs an ETA?

・M.I.C.E Tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions/ Events)
・Medical treatment including Ayurvedic (herbal)
・Participate in Art, Music, and Dance Events
・Participate in Pilgrimages
・Participate in Sports Events
・Participate in Wedding
・Sightseeing or Holidaying
・Visiting friends and relatives
・Participate in Business Meetings and Negotiations
・Short Term Training Programs
Sri Lanka ETA type has three kinds: sightseeing purpose, short term commercial purpose, transit (passing through the airport). You can choose the type of ETA according to the purpose of traveling.

What do I need to apply for ETA?

ETA can only be applied online. ETA can be easily applied online. Passport, credit card and e-mail address valid for more than 6 months are required. Please prepare these items. If you wish to apply from our website, you must agree to our policies and conditions.

Who does NOT need an ETA?

• People who can not apply for ETA in Sri Lanka
• In case of long-term stay (a separate visa is required)
• Nationality holders of Singapore, Maldives, and Seychelles

* If you are not a Sri Lankan ETA target country, you need a visa issued formally from the Sri Lankan government.
Types of visas include tourist visas, business visas and residence visas. Both will be issued to travelers who meet the application requirements from the Immigration Bureau of Sri Lanka (separate application fee will apply for visa application)

How long does it take to get an ETA?

It normally does not take much time, the average days for the confirmation is 3-4 days. A week at maximum. Although it does not take so much time, in some cases like traveling seasons, or the system occurs a technical problems, the procedure takes more than usual. If your application had some special remarks, it will need couple more days than usual procedure. We strongly recommend for you to apply for an ETA as soon as your visit to Sri lanka is confirmed.

What if my ETA application is rejected?

Even if your ETA is rejected, you can still re-apply. If you can think of any factors of your rejection, please put the reasons down on the form and apply again. If you find an error or notice the information you sent was untruthful, please correct the error and apply again. If your re-application is rejected, you will need to get a visitor's visa from Sri lanka embassy at your region. ※ Any questions about Sri Lanka visa can not be answered.

Sri Lanka ETA Electronic Travel Authorization
helps you apply for an ETAS on your behalf.