Sri Lanka ETA Application Form

Sri Lanka ETA Application Form

Once you send the application form,you can not change the information you filled in. And you will also be needed to apply again. And if there is an information error, ETA will not be approved and your entry to Sri Lanka will be rejected.
So please make sure you have all the correct information.
By using our service, you have agreed on our policy and all of our protocols.Enter All names Exactly as they appear on this applicant's passport.

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Consent and declaration

I declare that the information I have given in this application is truthful, complete and correct. I understand all the policy and protocols of Sri Lanka ETA Application Service and will not form any objection against the service. I understand that misrepresentation is an offence under section 127 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and may result in a finding of inadmissibility to Sri Lanka or removal from Sri Lanka.
I declare that we will not make any objections to the terms of use of the site concerning the application, the application fee and the results of the application.

Electronic Signature

If you wish to continue applying for ETA and agree all of the declarations above, put your surname in the form.
If an error occurs, please check if you have put the correct surname. The surname must be same as the one in application form. By putting down the electronic signature, you have agreed on all of our (Sri Lanka ETA Application Service Inc.) protocols and will not claim unreasonable complaint.
Date of Signature: 2024/07/15
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