ETA Application Center Service overview and features

About Sri Lanka ETA Application Center

We support and apply for ETA on your behalf whenever you need to get one. We provide our services 24/7. We provide you our Full support at the cost of USD108 for Tourism, $118USD for business ETA. After you applied for an ETA and have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Sending an e-mail to us after application is for free. If you are a resident of Sri Lankan visa-exempt country and visiting Sri Lanka by air, you need to get an ETA. Otherwise your entry to Sri Lanka will be rejected to the immigration counter. We strongly recommend for you to apply an ETA at least 72hours before your flight.

Easy to re-apply

In case you put down a wrong information on your application form, you would need to put all the information all over again and apply one more time. But at Sri Lanka ETA Application Service, you can re-apply easily. All you need is the right information and re-apply fee and you can easily re-apply.

Secured Electronic Storage

We own a strong secured internet server and will protect/keep your information safely.Once you apply through our service, we can easily access to your applicant information whenever you need a help.

Accessible 24/7

Sri Lanka ETA Application Services is available 24/7 online. And you can also contact us at any time.Please apply for an ETA as soon as possible because the ETA confirmation may take a while in some cases.

We support you application head to toe

If you have any questions or concerns before you apply for an ETA, our exclusively trained staffs are here to help you.

We check your ETA approval status for you

In case you lose your Sri Lanka ETA approval number, or lost your submitted information, or would like to receive the approval e-mail again, please contact us and we will be able to help you.

Linking to other Electronic Travel Authorizations.

If you are entering to Sri Lanka for a transit, you'd need to get an ETA as well.

We are able to help you get Electronic Travel Authorization to other countries.

If you wish to apply for other Travel Authorization systems, we are able to guide you to the correct application form.

Translation of other languages

If you are asked to translate the form's input fields, you will be translated into another language and submitted.

Accepted Credit Cards

We accept variety of Credit Cards including VISA, MasterCard, and JCB. Your creditcard information will be safely secured and be sent to the online payment company directly so that you do not have to worry about your information leaks.

Free French Translation

If Sri Lankan government asks for French application, we translate your application from English to French and send to the government.

Reporting Application Results by FAX

If you wish to receive your ETA application results by FAX, please do tell us and we are here to help you get one.

Simple and Easy User Interface

Our application form is designed to help anyone apply for an ETA easily. By its simple visuals, it can easily be operated to everyone.

Sri Lanka ETA Electronic Travel Authorization
helps you apply for an ETA on your behalf.